Schaap met wollige vacht VVV Texel

The wonders of Texel wool

On Texel, sheep graze outside pretty much all year round. The climate and pure salty sea air give Texel wool its fine structure, with a high wool fat content. A warming wool, with a lovely soft feel and skin-pampering wool fat.

Wool products

Because of its special properties it is used for all kinds of products. At the Texelwool an Texelana comforter factory, high-quality comforters, mattresses and pillows are made.

Care products

Have you ever noticed how well looked after the hands of sheep farmers? Wool naturally contains lanolin, a wool grease with a nourishing effect. De Noordkroon has developed a line with cream and ointment with lanolin as its main component. Sheep's milk is rich in healthy fatty acids and proteins.


Apart from all kinds of sheep’s wool products, Texel also has its very own Woolness: Wellness with sheep’s wool as its main component. During a half-hour spa treatment, you will be wrapped in real Texel sheep’s wool, allowing you to fully unwind and experience the amazing effects of wool. You will leave the wool bath totally rejuvenated. The Woolness wool is 100% eco-friendly and is cleaned naturally without detergents. Experience and book your wool bath with Boutique Hotel Texel.

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