Twee lammetjes in de wei VVV Texel fotograaf Justin Sinner

Watch lambs at Easter

Did you know that Texel has about as many sheep as it has residents? And in the spring, thousands of lambs are added to that number!

Lambs on Texel

By Easter, the island’s meadows are already full of lambs. It’s amazing to watch how the tiny lambs venture outside for the first time. Easter is a wonderful and very cosy time to holiday on Texel!

Little Lamb trails

In the spring, there are special bike and walking trails that specifically lead you where you can see the lambs. The Little Lambs Bike Trail guides you to some of Texel’s most beautiful spots, where the meadows are filled with lambs. The route for the Little Lamb Bike Trail (only Dutch or German) is available from our VVV shop and the webshop.

On Easter Monday, Wandelsportvereninging Het Gouden Boltje organises the Little Lamb Walk. This route will lead you past meadows full of lambs, schapenboeten (characteristic wooden sheds for hay) and tuinwallen (a traditional form of fencing made from sods of grass).

Cuddle a lamb

At Texel Sheep Farm, you can even cuddle these cute little lambs! Lambs are born here nearly all year round. Texel Sheep Farm will open from mid-February.

Little lambs webcam

If you can’t wait until your (next) holiday on Texel to see these wonderful creatures, you can watch the lambs at Texel Sheep Farm via our Little Lambs Webcam. You can watch Texel’s lambs being born in real-time!

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