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De Cocksdorp

Texel’s youngest village is De Cocksdorp, named after Antwerp shipowner N. J. de Cock. Together with other enterprising gentlemen and with the help of 1,500 labourers, he constructed an eleven-kilometre-long dike in just twenty weeks. Consequently, part of the mud-flat area was diked in. This area is now known as the Eierlandse polder.

Fun all around

At one time, there was little to do in De Cocksdorp but these days it is a great meeting point for young and old. There are several big holiday parks in the area. Behind the dike lies the Waddenzee. And the symbol of Texel is situated nearby: the lighthouse!

Symbol of the island

The 150-plus-year-old lighthouse is almost 35 metres tall. These days, it serves as a museum with an interesting exhibition on the way up to the top, where magnificent Wadden views await you.

The sea area around De Cocksdorp

The Waddenzee and North Sea meet around the northern tip of Texel. This creates a dangerous current, so swimming is prohibited here. On the vast beach near the lighthouse, lots of people fly kites with multi-line kites and buggies. Seals regularly lie along the water’s edge. The Wadden area is on the UNESCO World Heritage list because of its exceptional natural beauty. Do you love birds?

Rare bird species

The northern dunes are challenging with lots of beautiful walking routes. It is home to many (rare) bird species. Unsurprisingly, there is a bird information centre in De Cocksdorp. Birdwatching excursions are regularly organised. Texel local Klaas de Jong, winner of television programme ‘Op zoek naar de Condor’ (In Search of the Condor) also takes bird lovers on birdwatching safaris. Or maybe you prefer checking out the neighbours’ pads during living-room festival Gluren bij de Buren?

A trip to Vlieland on De Vriendschap

A boat trip to the neighbouring island of Vlieland on De Vriendschap makes for a fun day out. On Vlieland, you can hire bikes and explore the island. But De Cocksdorp itself also offers fun activities, of course. Such as a visit to ice-cream farm Labora, just outside the village.

Things to do in De Cocksdorp

The village itself boasts a range of little shops, great restaurants and terraces. And Durpermarkt market is held every Thursday in the summer.

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