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5 reasons why a holiday to Texel is good for you

5 reasons why a holiday to Texel is good for you

Do you want an active holiday, or a place just to relax? Or maybe you want a destination you don't need to fly to? Come to Texel!

A visit to Texel is always a good idea! Here are five reasons why.

Being active

A holiday on Texel offers a variety of activities. Take a brisk hike or bike ride or enjoy a sport! On Texel, you can participate in many sports outdoors in nature. For example: running on the beach, mountain biking in De Dennen, or (kite) surfing at sea.

Taking it easy

Prefer a relaxing holiday to completely unwind? On Texel, there is always time for relaxation. The gentler pace on Texel means that it is a perfect place to recharge your batteries in nature. Relax on the island with mindfulness or yoga, enjoy the wide range of wellness, or choose accommodation with sauna.

Using local products

Texel is a true paradise for those who like fresh local produce. It makes shopping for local products not only fun, but also good for the environment! There are healthy vegetables straight from the land, locally brewed beer, or special seasonal produce such as asparagus, oysters, cranberries and sheep's cheese. Texel’s restaurants often entice you with local products.

Avoid flying

Would you rather avoid flying, but still want to get away from it all? Then Texel is the perfect choice! The island is even easily accessible by public transport . The ferry Texelstroom is also environmentally aware. It runs on environment- and climate-friendly fuels and generates its own energy while sailing with 462 solar panels on its top deck. Thanks to an eco-friendly mooring system, air quality in the Wadden area is improving and TESO saves 10,000 litres of fuel every month.

Vitamin D

Sunshine: one of the most important ingredients of a great holiday! Texel has the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. According to KNMI, as many as 1,650 hours annually. You will catch the most sunshine in July, temperatures are highest in August, and May has the lowest average rainfall. As soon as you are in the sun, your body produces vitamin D. Vitamin D is good for your immune system, contributes to proper muscle function and is important for strong bones and teeth!

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