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Romantic spots on Texel

Visiting Texel with your loved one, or planning a romantic weekend away? It doesn't get more romantic than these Texel spots!

On top of the world together at the lighthouse

The best view of Texel is undoubtedly from the lighthouse. After you have climbed the stairs together, you look out over the island, the sea and even neighbouring island Vlieland. With any luck, you'll have the view to yourself. Will you bump into someone anyway? Maybe that person will want to take a nice photo of you to capture this memory.

Sunset walk on the beach

Can it get any more romantic than watching the sun sink into the sea together? Stroll hand-in-hand through the surf or, if you are the sporty type, go for a lovely run together until it is almost dark. All along the west coast, the sunset can be seen beautifully.

Romcom in the cinema

In the centre of Den Burg you will find Cinema Texel. This small cinema shows various films for young and old every day. Is the weather not so good during your holiday and you still want to do something fun together? Choose a romantic comedy, have a drink on the terrace or in the foyer beforehand and make a great night out of it!

A walk full of beautiful messages


You may have come across them before: the benches bearing a picture with a beautiful message. You will find them particularly during a walk through De Dennen, but they are scattered across many nature reserves on the island. The benches are also called remembrance benches and are made by Novalishoeve and Staatsbosbeheer. Such a message is a nice way to remember a loved one or celebrate a special event. Some texts are an ode to Texel's nature, many contain a beautiful message for a loved one.

Chocolate paradise

The Texel Chocolaterie is a must-visit for chocolate lovers. There is an authentic and cosy atmosphere, where the smell of fresh chocolate immediately welcomes you. Here you and your sweetheart can enjoy handmade chocolate prepared with passion. Of course, this is also the perfect place for a Valentine's Day gift!

Enjoying the stars

On Texel, it is so dark at night that you can see a fantastic starry sky. You can do this during a walk on the beach, but also if you walk out of the village and look up. Want to know more about what you can see up there? Then book 'Stargazing at Observatory De Jager'. Also special: on Texel, on a warm evening, you can look for sea-spark together!

Dinner for two by the sea

Eating out together? Make reservations at a beach pavilion! That way, when you are not looking into each other's eyes for a moment, you can enjoy a beautiful sea view. Recommendations include Paal 17 with its cosy fireplace, or settle down on one of the relaxation sofas overlooking the sea at Kaap Noord.

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