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5 Tips for a weekend with friends on Texel

Looking for an original destination for your weekend with friends? Time for Texel! On the biggest Frisian island, you and your friends can have a good catch up, get stuck in a few adventurous activities and enjoy real Texel beer!

1. Drink

Anywhere on the island – and in more and more places ‘on the mainland’ – you can get: Texel brewed beer. Take a look around in one of the breweries.

2. Race

The Texel word ‘Bruuzer’ means daredevil. It is also the name of the 350-h.p. speedboat that races across the Waddenzee at 75 km an hour, carrying a maximum of 10 passengers. Try this RIB ride experience.

3. Eat

There are lots of great restaurants on Texel. Make sure you visit Taveerne De Twaalf Balcken (with dishes from the ‘Green Egg’), Whiskey Bar Het Kompas and treat your taste buds to a culinary delight at fish restaurant ’t Pakhuus.

4. Skydive

Always wanted to go skydiving? No problem! At Paracentrum Texel, even beginners can, after a brief training session, do a tandem skydive straightaway.

5. Sleep

On the VVV Texel website, you have a choice of more than 1,500 places to stay on the island. From affordable holiday homes and large group houses to the best campsites, B&Bs and hotels.

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