10 reasons to visit Texel this summer

Photo: Iris Borst

In summer, Texel's nature is beautiful! So grab your sunglasses, apply sunscreen and choose from our ten tips for enjoying Texel's nature this summer.

1. Cooling pine forest

When the sun is high in the sky and you need a place to cool off, go for a walk in the beautiful De Dennen forest. In the shade, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll. Listen to the soothing bird sounds around you. Do you hear the sea there in the distance?

2. Wad excursion between Texel and Vlieland

Discover the wonders of the Wad on an exciting sandbank excursion between Texel and Vlieland with Wadden ferry De Vriendschap. Walk along the seabed while the guides tell you about life on the bottom of the Wadden Sea. Fishing nets and buckets are available for children. An unforgettable experience!

3. Purple heather in the Bollekamer

The Bollekamer is a true oasis of colour and beauty in late July and early August. The heather is in full bloom then. Put on your walking shoes and enjoy a stroll through this enchanting landscape. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the beautiful views.

4. 30 kilometres of beach

Of course, the beach! Texel is known for its vast sandy beaches that stretch for no less than 30 kilometres. Take a refreshing dip, build sandcastles, enjoy a picnic on the beach or relax in the sun. Texel's beach offers something for everyone!

5. Bicycle route Geheimenroute

Hop on your bike and discover Texel's secrets on the Geheimenroute. You will cycle through the forest, past bird areas, dunes and the Wadden Sea. Explore secluded paths, breathtaking landscapes and picturesque villages, just from your bike!

6. Bird recognition excursion

Texel is a true paradise for bird lovers. Join a bird identification excursion from the Bird Information Centre and discover the many bird species that inhabit the island. Learn to recognise them by their appearance or the sound they make, and learn all about their behaviour and habitat.

7. Seal watching with De Vrijheid

Get ready to meet the cutest inhabitants of the Wadden Sea on a seal watching trip with De Vrijheid. Board this boat and sail to the sandbanks where the seals like to sunbathe. Along the way, you can enjoy the skipper's beautiful stories and the vastness of the Wadden Sea.

8. Make lunch from nature

Visit Natuur Goed and discover the art of making lunch from nature. Learn which wild plants are edible and collect your own ingredients for a tasty and healthy meal. Using recipe cards, you will process the herbs, berries and flowers into a beautiful, complete lunch.

9. De Marel Nature Centre

At De Marel Nature Centre you will find a world of information about Texel's nature. The shop has plenty of books, a collection of stuffed birds and a nice children's corner. Educational activities and excursions are also offered. After your visit, enjoy a walk through Waalenburg nature reserve or have fun in the OERRR play area.

10. Hiking route through the Eierland Dunes

Last but not least, a walking route through the Eierlandse Dunes should not be missing from your list. Wander through this beautiful nature reserve and enjoy the sea, birds and diversity of plants. The view from the high dunes is breathtaking.

Have fun and enjoy an unforgettable summer! And haven't you booked yet? Then quickly check which accommodation is still available.

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