Gerecht met entrecote flatbread en spitskool van Dewi van der Plaats BBQ Battle 2

Kale with kombu dashi, sirloin steak with wild garlic and black garlic with flatbread

This dish takes you on a little trip around the world: from Texel to Asia and back again via the Middle East. Dewi likes to use a mix of worldly spices and Texel ingredients in his island cuisine, which he also shows with this dish for the BBQ Battle.

This recipe makes a complete dish with pointed cabbage with kombu dashi, sirloin steak with wild garlic and black garlic and barbecued flatbread with za'tar.

Texel beef

Like Texel lamb, the island's beef is also a high-quality and sustainable product. Texel beef is available on the island at Slagerij Dros, Vakslager Peter Haker, Slagerij Moormann, Slagerij Rob and Meta Maas and at Slagerij Goënga.

Curious about the process of the sirloin steak?

Ingredients for 3 - 4 persons


  • 350 grams of flour
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp za'tar
  • 100 ml milk
  • 200 ml water
  • 21 g fresh yeast
  • Pointed cabbage

Pointed cabbage

  • 1 pointed cabbage
  • Piece of fresh horseradish
  • Wild fresh herbs to taste
  • Puffed spelt
  • Beef marrow

Kombu Dashi

  • 100 ml dashi broth
  • 35 ml ponzu
  • 10 ml white wine
  • 10 ml rice vinegar
  • 60 ml cream
  • 75 g butter

Sirloin steak

  • 130 g sirloin steak per person

Black garlic cream

  • 20 grams black garlic paste
  • 50 grams of egg white
  • 100 ml yoghurt
  • 250 ml sunflower oil

Badger garlic oil

  • Fresh garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Pepper/salt
Dewi van der Plaats tijdens de BBQ Battle
Dewi van der Plaats tijdens de BBQ Battle


Lightly heat the milk and water and dissolve the yeast in it. Then knead all the ingredients into a nice dough and leave to rise in a warm place for at least an hour. When the volume has doubled, the dough is good. Then portion into desired pieces and roll out thinly. Fry alternately in a cast-iron pan on the barbecue.

Pointed cabbage
When the coals are hot, the pointed cabbage can be placed directly on the coals, the aim is to get the cabbage completely black on the outside. The pointed cabbage is ready when you can get a skewer makin through it. Remove the black leaves and set aside.

Meanwhile, make the Kombu Dashi. Combine the stock, ponzu, white wine, rice vinegar and cream in a pan, bring to the boil. Finally, after the sauce has boiled, add the butter.
Cut the pointed cabbage in half or quarters and heat on the grill for a few more minutes.

Serve the pointed cabbage in a deep plate with a generous amount of sauce. Grate some fresh horseradish and add a little marrow. Finish with fresh herbs and puffed spelt.

Entrecote with wild garlic and black garlic
Combine all the ingredients for the black garlic cream in a cup. With the hand blender, move back and forth until a thick cream forms, season with salt and pepper.

Next, wash the fresh wild garlic and blend or mortar it together with a nice olive oil to make a green flavoured oil. The oil is ready when the consistency is a bit like pesto. Put the oil in a jar to keep and add to the dish to taste.

Finally, season the sirloin steak with salt and pepper. When the barbecue is well hot, the meat can be cooked directly on all sides. When the meat is at the desired doneness, let it rest indirectly for another 5 minutes. Serve with the garlic cream, badger garlic oil and fresh black pepper!

Serve the three small dishes separately et voilà!


Recipe by Niels

Niels runs a catering business with his family. He is a master at barbecuing and was brought up on butchery. He puts all this experience to use during the TV programme: BBQ Battle

Niels RunderkampChef, butcher and television chef

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