Bird island in November

November is the month you can admire the various types of geese and thrushes on Texel. Waalenburg polder is particularly worth a visit!

Birds in November on Texel

The tundra reed geese spend the winter in the Eierland polder. They can number as many as 5,000! This species of geese causes little or no damage to the farmers.

Brent geese also arrive in November. There are three species of this smaller, almost-black goose: the white-bellied brent goose, the black brent goose and the common brent goose. Particularly on the eastern side of Texel, around Oosterend, you can spot hundreds of these birds together in groups.

Migrating thrushes

Many thrush-like birds, such as the redwing, song thrush, blackbird, fieldfare and ring ouzel continue migrating through to November. The fieldfare may then suddenly appear in your garden.

This is also when the snow bunting arrives on the island. These small birds can be found at the foot of the dike and on the beach. With a bit of luck, the first waxwings will return to Texel this month. The best places to see these birds are the gardens with berries in Den Burg, along Bernardlaan.

Waalenburg polder

In Waalenburg you can admire large numbers of wigeons and other duck species like the shoveler and the teal. Many gulls and some small swans also sleep in this area in the late afternoons.

Waalenburg is certainly one of the most bird-rich spots on the island in November. The area is easy to see from the Staart, the road running through Waalenburg. Keep an eye on the windmills, which may often have a peregrine falcon on one of the sails.

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