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Early birds: the autumn migration begins!

Autumn doesn’t begin officially until the end of September, but the first birds have already set out on their autumn migration.

Birdwatching in September

The autumn migration means plenty of different bird species can be seen on the island in September. September is in fact one of Texel’s most bird-rich months.

The osprey and the honey buzzard are expected when there’s good weather at the start of the month. These birds of prey breed in Scandinavia and migrate to Africa. With favourable winds they fly over Texel.

Delicacies for birds

The ripe berries hold a great attraction for transiting songbirds. Large numbers of starlings, blackcaps and whitethroats come for the elderberries. The birds also regard the blackberries as wonderful delicacies. The thrushes take care of the remaining berries later in the year.

The Eierlandsche dunes

On a good September morning you can see many tens of thousands of birds and hear them passing through. The Eierlandsche dunes are particularly popular. The birds make landfall at the northern head and often follow the dunes to the south. You can sometimes spot a lost rarity among these huge numbers. For example, a rose-coloured starling is seen every year. The yellow-browed warbler is also often spotted in September; it’s a tiny songbird from Siberia.

Join us on an excursion

If you want to experience these bird migrations for yourself, Texel’s Bird Information Centre organises a whole range of bird excursions throughout September and October, all focusing on bird migration.

Bird watching in The Slufter

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