7 autumn holiday tips

The autumn holiday is coming! There is plenty to do on Texel in autumn. We have collected 7 tips for a wonderful autumn on Texel for you. Fun tips for young and old!

These 7 Texel autumn activities are must-sees:

1. Visit the villages

Photographer: Justin Sinner

Texel has 7 villages, each with its own character. Take a tour of the special shops or visit one of the colourful galleries on the island

2. Autumn walks through the woods

Take a walk and enjoy the beautiful autumn colours in the Texel woods. To do so, visit De Dennen or join an excursion.

3. Taste autumn on your plate

Pumpkin, mushrooms, stews and soup: it is that time again! Texel lamb also goes very well with autumn dishes. Pamper yourself at the restaurants and taste autumn on your plate.

4. Strolling around the museums

Maquette Kaap Skil
Maquette Kaap Skil
Photographer: Mike Bink

Most museums on Texel are open during the autumn holiday. Museum Kaap Skil, Ecomare, Waelstee and Maritiem- en Juttersmuseum Flora show their exhibitions.

5. Explore the MTB route

Texel has an MTB route of no less than 100 kilometres! The route alternates forest and dune areas and paved and unpaved roads. You can bring your own mountain bike or hire an MTB from a Texel bike hire firm.

6. Toast with seasonal real ale

Stel met Texels biertje
Stel met Texels biertje
Photographer: Evalien Weterings

Several types of Texels seasonal real ale with the sweet taste of hops and barley known as " bock beer " are served on the island. Texels Bock from the Texelse Bierbrouwerij and the Razende Bok from Familiebrouwerij Diks are available at various points on the island.

7. Check our agenda

Want to make the most of your autumn break? For more information on these tips, check out our agenda.

We wish you a wonderful autumn holiday!

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