Motorrijden op de weg VVV Texel

Motorbiking on Texel

The roads on Texel are very suitable for motorised two-wheelers, which makes our island very popular with motorbikers. We give you our tips for a great tour of Texel:

1. Start at the ferry terminal

Your tour of Texel begins in the ferry port of Den Helder. The TESO ferry takes you to Texel in less than half an hour.

2. Via the Pontweg to Oudeschild

Head north via Pontweg and turn right after just 3.5 km to ride to the seaport town of Oudeschild via Redoute and Bolwerk. Here, you can enjoy the views at Waddenhaven Texel and tuck into a portion of cod parings at the Oude Vismarkt fish shop.

3. Via the dike to the lighthouse

From Oudeschild, you can continue your route via IJsdijk and Lancasterdijk along the Waddenzee. You are now riding in the direction of the lighthouse in the northernmost point of the island. The lighthouse of Texel is more than 150 years old and is open to visitors. At the top, you are treated to unique views of the island and Waddenzee.

4. To De Koog

After climbing the Lighthouse, you can make your way back to the south via Zanddijk. Zanddijk runs along the dune area in the west of Texel. After a great ride of just over 15 km you arrive in De Koog, the seaside resort of Texel. Here, you can have a bite to eat, blow away the cobwebs on the beach or visit Ecomare.

From De Koog, you can make your way back to the ferry port via Randweg, Hoornderslag and Watermolenweg!

More information about the ferry and motorbikes? Check out the ferry information for motorbikes.

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