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6 tips for a festive New Year's Eve on Texel!

Texel is the destination to celebrate New Year's Eve! Enjoy Texel oliebollen on New Year's Eve and a dip on New Year's Day. Dinner in style or cook your own Texel dish. With these tips it will be a festive New Year's Eve!

1. Dine in style

Would you like to go out for dinner with the family around New Year's Eve? Then view the overview of Texel restaurants. Want to get started in the kitchen yourself? View the Texel recipes.

2. Oliebollen on Texel

Fancy tasty oliebollen? Around this time of year, you will find oliebollen stalls in various places on Texel. You can also order them in advance from Bakker Timmer. That way you can be sure not to miss out on this delicious snack.

3. Games with Texel snacks and drinks

Do you also like to play a board game? The long evening on New Year's Eve is very suitable for a fun game night. With Texel Monopoly or another favorite it will certainly be a successful evening! Read all our tips for a Texel game night here.

4. Get some fresh air on the beach

The last beach walk of the year or the first? A walk on the beach is always a good idea! Tip: on the beach you often hear the fireworks in the distance, so you can also take a walk on the beach on New Year's Eve.

5. New Year's Dive

Start the New Year feeling refreshed! A merry dip in the North Sea is surely the best way to begin the New Year. But if that’s too chilly for you, watching the event is entertaining too!

6. Start the new year well

Texel is the place to relax and start the new year fresh. Make use of our Detox checklist and it is guaranteed to be a successful new year!

Do you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve on Texel?

At VVV Texel you can choose from hundreds of holiday homes, hotels and bed and breakfasts. Quickly check the availability for a stay during New Year's Eve.

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