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8 hikingtips

You discover Texel best on a walk. Whether you go hiking with a guide, your children or the dog, you will find plenty of hiking inspiration here!

1. Discover the green routes

When the breeding season is over, the green routes will reopen. And that means: special trails where you can really enjoy nature. Sometimes you will not meet anyone and all you can hear around you are the birds and the rustling wind. In principle, the green routes are open between 1 September and 1 March.

2. Take the children out

Photographer: Leonie Hoever

Texel is also a wonderful place to walk for children. Go for a playful walk along the surf, an adventurous forest tour, a trip to the lighthouse or take a trip to one of the tow ferries. More tips? Click here!

3. Follow a walking route

You will find numerous walking routes on our website. There is something for everyone. For example, try the informative Stadswandeling Den Burg, the beautiful walking route Along the seagull colony or the unique route over De Hoge Berg.

4. Bring binoculars

Vogelkijkpunt Waterral
Vogelkijkpunt Waterral
Photographer: Leonie Hoever

Do you enjoy watching birds while hiking? With binoculars, you can study them in detail. On Texel, you can buy or rent binoculars at the Bird Information Centre in De Cocksdorp. If you want to buy one, they will give you extensive personal advice.

5. Make sure you have the right equipment

Have you caught the walking bug, but were not quite prepared for it? No problem: there are several shops on Texel where you can buy hiking boots and outdoor clothing. For example, have a look at Inish for a cool outfit, get sunglasses or a warm jacket at Dobber Outdoor, or get advice and find the perfect hiking boots at Mantje.

6. Enjoy a walk with the dog

Wandelen met de hond in het bos
Wandelen met de hond in het bos
Photographer: Stefan Krofft

The dog might enjoy a walk on the island even more than you do. There is plenty of room to run, play and swim. Of course, there are rules too. On our website, you can read where the dog must be on a leash and where this is not compulsory. In almost the entire De Dennen forest, dogs are allowed off leash. Going to the beach? Then watch out for seals!

7. Join a walking excursion

A guide often makes a walk even more fun and interesting. In our agenda you will find various walking excursions, such as this walking excursion around Den Hoorn from Texel Excursies, the Wad Struun from TXGids, or the excursion along the Mok Bay and De Geul from Ecomare.

8. Reside in nature

Would you like to walk straight into nature from your accommodation? Then take a look at these nature cottages on Texel.

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